Invia is a Modern SaaS Start-Up for TelCos


Deliver digital transformation with Invia’s EnterpriseOne Software-as-a-Service platform that maximises your customer’s ability to self-serve, from ordering to leasing to billing assurance and spend analytics.

Experience streamlined operations and a modernised user experience that helps you provide your customer a faster and cost-optimised way to reach the digital future with EnterpriseOne.

Fleet 360 is a Expense & Services SaaS for TelCos by Invia

INVIA’s Fleet360 is a telecommunications expense and service lifecycle platform which can be rapidly integrated into your operations and business support systems to provide a new level of self-service to your customers.

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Bill 360 is a Bill Management SaaS for TelCos by Invia

INVIA’s Bill360 enables CSPs to bundle, sell and manage third-party products, subscriptions, apps and services, on a single customer bill. It allows your business operations to scale and grow your 3rd party partner ecosystem.

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Asset 360 is a Unify Workflow SaaS for TelCos by Invia

INVIA’s Asset360 rationalises the disparate and fragmented workflows, reduces the customer touch points and delivers to you a frictionless experience across contracting, procurement, management and support of any asset, service or solution.

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Why Invia?


Telcos face many challenges that make it difficult to stay competitive. With new competitors on the scene every day, you need to keep up with emerging technologies like 5G to remain relevant, while offering a unique experience that customers will remember.

If you want to transform your business and provide an exceptional customer journey, let’s talk.

We enable you to become the trusted partner for Enterprise, Government and Business customers.

We deliver digital platforms that take cost out of you and your customer’s business.

We improve employee engagement, productivity and experience.

Customers love Invia because of the ease they provide
Telcos love Invia because we solve complex solutions and integrate right in your system


We have direct experience in the telco industry. We’ve walked in your shoes, so we know the only effective way to stand out from the crowd is to provide the best customer experience possible.

We’ll take the time to talk to you, recognise your challenges and develop solutions that feel like a natural extension of your company offering, so you have a clear point of difference in the marketplace.

We’re Always Asking,

At Invia we always keep one eye to the future, looking at the challenges facing businesses in years to come and creating solutions before you need them.

Our focus is telcos, but we’re constantly expanding our game-changing technology solutions and ensuring other verticals across B2B, B2C and B2B2C can deliver the ultimate customer journey.

Whether you’re located in Australia or around the world, we make it simple for you to gain (and retain) customers.

We’ll set you up for long-term success.



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Are You Ready For The Future Of Telco CX?

With over 15 years’ experience working with telcos globally, we’re always looking to the future to overcome ongoing and emerging business challenges together.

The next level of CX for telcos is knocking at your door.


Here are just some of the obstacles we hear frequently from our customers, and yours too.


Does your enterprise account team spend hours every month preparing custom reports for specific customers?


Invia’s Fleet360 lets your business customers easily customise their own reports in an easy to use SaaS dashboard and mobile app. They can analyse by service, by cost centre, by end user, and anything in between, design their own charts, customise their dashboard, and then drill down as far as they want even to the individual call record.


Do you wish you had a differentiator that made you so sticky that your business customer churn was less that 1% a year?


Customers love Fleet360 so much that out of 300 businesses who signed up, only one churned to another provider in 2 years.


Is signing up a new business customer causing bottlenecks with your service desk?


Invia’s end-to-end MDM solution redefines the category. We have worked closely with Apple, Google and Samsung to ensure “out of the box” automatic enrolment of your customer’s devices as soon as they turn it on. Free up your call centre staff from hand-holding customers through the enrolment process!


Do you wish your business customers could connect and disconnect / suspend and reinstate any employee’s service at any time, without contacting your call centre?


Admins at your business customer can use Invia’s suite to manage devices end to end, including policy configuration and enforcement, connect/disconnect, suspend/reinstate, and it also tracks device swaps.

If these sound familiar, select the challenges and objectives most relevant to you and one of our team members will get in touch and discuss how we can support your business with our automated, intelligent solutions.

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