Our modular approach to solutions allows you to experience our products as stand-alone services, or in conjunction with a more robust, complete solution.


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Bill360 offers MBX - Managed Bill Experience - a Modular and Flexible way to approach Complex Enterprise Billing Management | Invia SaaS

Get flexibility with your existing billing platform with Invia Managed Bill Experience. Enable split billing across multiple entities within your customer’s organisation providing a channel to enable invoices to be rebilled to any cost centre.

Combined with Bill360, MBX helps reduce the load on your billing teams by reducing billing disputes through the Bill360 Contract Validation engine.

Automated workflows create logs on behalf of the customer for usage billed which do not match the contracted rate, creating auditability, ability to raise and track disputes and enabling a faster resolution to billing enquires.


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Asset360 offers RUGGED DEVICE-AS-A-SERVICE RDAAS - a simplified platform to manage complex vendor relationships through one partner | Invia SaaS

Simplify the often complex and tedious task of managing your rugged devices and unburden your IT teams with Invia’s managed platform for rugged devices. The RDaaS platform allows you to manage multiple vendors, different workflows, payment mechanisms and complex vendor relationships through one partner, giving time back to your internal teams to focus on your core business.

Combined with Asset360, you can now procure your rugged device and services and get complete visibility of the device lifecycle combined with spend and data analytics to ensure you have comprehensive visibility and management of your telco bill, mobile security compliance and mapping of your rugged devices.


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Asset360 offers SMART CONTRACTS - Visibility across all stakeholders, Insight into each quote / Product, Ensure author accuracy with integrated DocuSign technology, Enable your team to self-service quote-to-contract run rates & contracted ARPU | Invia SaaS

Expedite your customer onboarding journey and switch on your revenue on quicker using Smart Contracts, with integrated Customer Lifecycle Manager (CLM) and Docusign.

Enable all parties in the quote-to-contract process a simplified, efficient and easy to navigate platform to track and monitor quotes, whilst controlling risk.

Combined with Asset360, harness the full power of Contract Lifecycle Manager (CLM) to light up the status of a contract as it progresses through multiple teams within the Telco, allowing efficiency and visibility, satisfying the needs of all stakeholders involved in the contracting process. Effectively retain your customer with contract lifecycle notifications and arm your sales force with the best customer insights to ensure they deliver results.


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Asset360 offers CONCIERGE SUPPORT EXPERIENCE CSX - use CSX to manage all your partners and carrier billing, onboarding, provisioning and proactive spend and usage control | Invia SaaS

Enable your business customers to support multi-carrier fleets with CSX. Rather than having to go to a multitude of touchpoints, use CSX to manage all your partners and carrier billing, onboarding, provisioning and proactive spend and usage control. It’s the extra pair of hands that support your customer needs when they are busy working on their business.

Power up your Telco and digitally transform the way you and your customers deploy and manage any asset or service over its lifetime with Asset360.

Combined with CSX, this is the premier platform that will provide your customers a consolidated view of their ICT devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

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