Fleet360 - complete visibility and total control your customer's telco bills, budget, devices and reporting
Give your customers complete visibility and total control over their telco bills, budget, devices and reporting.

Telecom Expense Management

Mobile devices have become critical for most business operations, resulting in improved employee productivity, better communication and as a tool for competitive advantage when combined with the right applications and solutions. However, keeping track of a large fleet of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and mobile broadband devices – can be challenging and complex. There is the added complication of a number of separate suppliers for various components, such as, devices, network plans, applications, and management, with different billing cycles. All of this can create significant operational overhead for enterprise and business customers.

Fleet360 has been designed with these requirements in mind to offer your customers a one-stop platform, that enables them to view and manage their mobile devices, services, usage, spend, analytics and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

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Key Features
  • Single pane-of-glass view for mobility lifecycle management
  • Intuitive trend reports on usage and spend
  • Automated asset registration of devices
  • Cost centre allocation and control
  • Usage and spend alerts
  • Visibility of new connections and cancellations

Executive Dashboard
Once configured, the first screen your customers’ procurement manager or operational executive will see in their logged-in view is an easy to follow, intuitive dashboard with a complete view of all the telco services, spend and usage. Business Unit managers see a similar view for their own department or at cost centre level.

Cost Analysis and Cost Allocation
Your customers get comprehensive reporting and analytics for their spend. To comply with any internal cost allocations, the platform easily interfaces with their HR and finance systems to load and manage users and cost centres. They can easily drill down to find any outliers or exceptions: at a department level, at a cost centre level, an individual service, and right down to an individual call or data session. There is flexibility to create, split or merge cost centres and maintain historical data for trend analysis.

Standard and Ad-hoc Reporting
Fleet360 provides more than 20 standard reports out-of-the box which can be configured and scheduled. Individual cost centre managers can log-in to see and manage their own cost centre’s budget and spend. Forecasting and budgeting is also made easy with extensive trend analysis.

Automatic Asset Register
Integration into your network means we provide automatic visibility for your customers providing detailed information of their devices including make, model and serial identification. This can assist customers easily identify any non-standard devices and manage device compliance across their fleet.

Connections Management
Customers get visibility on any changes to the account, such as, new service additions, cancellations, and plan upgrades.

Real-time Alerting
Customers can set up usage and spend alerts on defined events, such as spend for an individual or cost centre; or any type of usage (such as roaming data) occurring or reaching a certain level, thus minimising billing queries.

Personal vs Business Usage
Customer employees are able to self-manage by flagging calls, SMS or data as personal or business use. Asset360’s machine learning algorithm automates this process as it learns each end user’s behaviour, with the flexibility to allow the end user to make manual adjustments.

Multi-carrier Expense Analysis
Fleet360 can ingest data from multiple carriers to give your customer a single view across their total telco spend.

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