CPX - complete visibility and total control your customer's telco bills, budget, devices and reporting

A comprehensive Communication Platform As A Service (CPAAS) solution for seamless connection with end customers

CPX is Invia’s Communication Platform as a Service (CPAAS) solution. It will provide Telecom operators with a suite of APIs and a single pane of glass platform which can be used by their enterprise customers for seamless connection with their clients. Whether it is data security solutions or providing location-based services and alerts CPX is the ideal platform for you.

Check out all features that CPX Offers - Invia SaaS
  • Access to APIs from a single portal
  • Cost-effective and value-for-money solutions
  • Streamlined user experience
  • User-friendly access to communication facilities
  • Responsive customer-support services

Give your clients cost-effective user-friendly seamless access to Telco network capabilities through CAMARA APIs. These APIs ensure seamless customer experience. CAMARA APIs transform your telco network to a service enablement platform for your customers. They accelerate the development of new technologies and the commercialization of the same. They also support application portability. They will facilitate the delivery of enhanced services which are tailored to the unique needs of end users.

  • SIM Swap API:
    The SIM Swap API performs real-time checks on the activation date of a SIM card on the mobile network. It reveals if an individual mobile phone number (MSISDN) has been ported to another SIM card.
  • Device Status API:
    Service Enabling Network Function API for monitoring device status. This API allows to query device roaming status and subscribe to event related to device roaming status. It provides the telco with the ability to check if a device is losing connection to the network or if it gets reachable again, and the roaming status.
  • Device Location API:
    With this API, customers can retrieve the area where a certain user device is localized. The area provided in the response is described by a circle determined by coordinates (latitude and longitude) and an accuracy defined by the radius. The API also gives the indication about the time at a given location.

CPX Portal
One-stop portal for all the CPAAS services offered by Invia.

  • Access to APIs
    The telcos will be able to access all APIs from a single portal. They can drag and drop the APIs in to their applications.
  • Reports and Analytics
    The telco will be able to access customized reports and analytics about the use of various APIs and services.


Here are just some of the obstacles we hear frequently from our customers which Asset360 can help resolve.


How does CPX help us in fraud prevention


The SIM Swap API is useful to prevent fraud by reducing the risk of account takeover fraud by strengthening SIM based authentication processes such as SMS One-time passwords.


Can CPX help in reducing expenses


If a device enters a roaming network, the Device Status API sends an alert about potential higher charges for using call and data services in a roaming network.


What kind of location specific services can CPX enable


CPX enables many location-specific services, like mapping services, “find my device” services, location sharing services, local business search services etc.

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