Bill360 - Simplify billing, amplify partnerships: Bill360, your integrated solution for CSPs, streamlining processes and reducing vendor interactions.

Bill360 is an out-of-the-box solution that enables CSPs to handle complex billing and sell and manage third-party apps and services on their bill. This integrated Billing and Invoicing SaaS Solution not only simplifies the billing process but also positions you as a strategic partner for their procurement process and reduces the number of vendors they must deal with.

Bill 360-Streamlined Invoicing with Our SAAS Solution

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It is a complete order-to-revenue platform that enables standard and customised quotes, orders, fulfilment, billing, and revenue share splits between multiple parties:

  • Get new products and services partners on-board rapidly
  • Easily configure new pricing
  • Create new product bundles with automated split of payments to various partners.
  • Cost centre allocation and control
  • Integrate with your billing and accounts payable systems
  • Auditable workflows and approvals

Create new offers

  • Bill 360 allows you to create new offerings by bundling products and services from multiple vendors and presenting it to your customers as a single product. Bill the customer for one product and let Bill360 take care of correct payments split to multiple suppliers.

Easy Integration

  • Bill360 can communicate with your billing system using charge injection so that you can now include any third-party product or service onto your customer’s bill.
  • It can also communicate with your Accounts Payable system to automate payments to partners.

Automated Workflows

  • Product or service order workflows and approvals are managed by the account manager, customer and the third-party partner; each with their own system login, each alerted to their actions with full audit capability.

Fast and Secure Deployment

  • Bill360 is a software-as-a-service platform that can be hosted in private or public cloud as required. Our robust systems architecture has been analysed and approved by security operations teams of leading CSPs to give you confidence in our capabilities.

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