Bill360 - Simplify billing, amplify partnerships: Bill360, your integrated solution for CSPs, streamlining processes and reducing vendor interactions.

An all-in-one centralized Asset Management solution for every stage of the device lifecycle now includes Asset Lifecycle Management and Device as a Service, providing operational efficiency, full visibility of costs, minimizing business downtime, and improving governance and security.

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Asset360 is a comprehensive technology asset management solution that combines the best of Invia’s digital platforms with fully managed service helpdesk, to offer CSPs and their customers a consolidated visibility of their ICT devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets through a single portal and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Key Features:
  • Control and management through a single pane, executive dashboard
  • Operational efficiency through automating device inventory registration and status
  • Trends analysis and detailed reporting for asset lifecycle cost and trade-in milestones
  • Cost centre allocation and control
  • Premium concierge services

Solution and Services Scope Asset360 covers each step of the customer journey from first order placement, to day-to-day operational management to end of life and disposal. Invia will work closely with every customer to ensure all requirements, processes, support and exception handling are mapped, documented and implemented. Invia will provide project management support for each implementation.
Asset 360’s digital automation workflows replace all manual and menial tasks typically carried out by the IT or business teams. The solution is designed to streamline and digitally transform how organisations deploy and manage any asset or service over its lifetime.
The measured benefits include operational cost reduction, optimised utilisation of existing resources and a centralised executive dashboard.

Centralised Asset Management

  • Invia Asset 360 provides a single pane-of-glass digital experience across all components in the asset management value chain.
  • A cloud-based solution with enterprise grade availability and reliability.
  • Integration with ecosystem partners to offer seamless experience.


  • We automate crucial tasks including order approvals, devices enrolment, MDM compliance, ownership records, changes to help reduce IT helpdesk burden and streamline processes.
  • Devices inventory is automatically tracked right from the point of ordering and regularly updated through cellular or wi-fi networks connectivity.
  • Optional visibility of employee owned devices, with management capability (functionality may be limited subject to company policies).

Reporting and Analytics

  • The platform provides a comprehensive dashboard to identify any exceptions on compliance policies to help make informed decisions, and improve service delivery.
  • Advanced analytics help you understand the full lifecycle costs of devices that can be utilised to make business decisions for optimisation or new purchases.
  • Individual cost centre managers can log-in to see and manage their own cost centre’s budget and spend. Forecasting and budgeting is also made easy with extensive trend analysis.

Device Management Services

  • Asset 360 includes services related to device management platform, such as, enrolment, policy compliance monitoring, exceptions reporting, automated actions on non-compliance, software upgrades.
  • Invia can provide a cloud-based device management platform or customers can elect to use their own platform.


Here are just some of the obstacles we hear frequently from our customers which Asset360 can help resolve.


Do your business customers want to co-fund their end-user devices through a seamless digital experience?


Asset360 enables your customer’s end-users to partially pay for the device. Device credit can be allocated to the end-user account and top-up the remaining balance of a device to help get the device they really want.


Do your business customers want to self serve their telco assets and plans from a portal that provides a selected mix of products compatible with their contract and policies?


Asset360 enables your business customers to order hardware through Leasing, MRO or as an outright payment. It enables the ability to purchase co-funded assets, in additional to ordering plans, VAS and delivers the customer a frictionless experience through the device lifecycle from shipping through to enrolments and into the billing and disposal stages.


Do you wish you could assure your business customers that their fleet of devices will be automatically enrolled in their MDM without exception, and with no customer action required?


Invia’s end-to-end MDM solution redefines the category. We have worked closely with Apple, Google and Samsung to ensure “out of the box” automatic enrolment of your customer’s devices as soon as they turn it on. Free up your call centre staff from hand-holding customers through the enrolment process!


Does your business need a one stop shop that allows them to manage and support their business customer's entire device lifecycle from procurement, shipping, provisioning and into the disposal and end-of-life stages of their asset journey.


With Asset360, your customers can track every device, every sim swap, every update to their fleet of devices

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